Feng Shui consulting and home rituals

When the energy in a given space flows smoothly there is balance and our quality of life improves. How do we do it?

➣ We analyse the location of your residential building and the surrounding factors like mountains, streets, high rise buildings, churches, schools, hospitals and how they all impact your living space.

➣ We measure your house with a special compass, called luopan. Based on the birthdate, we create a personal profile of everyone in your shared household and we analyse how the house resonates with you.

➣ We give particular ideas what to improve and how to attract more health, wealth and harmony in your life or whatever else you or a member of your family may need personally.

➣ We work with colours, materials, fabrics, shapes, images, crystal grids and all elements of the interior design.

➣ As a result your house becomes more balanced and attuned to your own biometrics, you feel more relaxed, in sync and your whole idea of being ‘at home’ changes. Your space works in your favour. On a subconscious level you start to attract circumstances, events and people who help you grow.

➣ Actual changes occur in your life.

➣ We can help you choose and create the design and layout concept of your new home so that it fits you and your family better.

➣ We consult the situation in your office so that you can feel better there and become more efficient.

➣ We are not designers but we can help you with a lot of design ideas and we collaborate with professional designers who share the same values. Thus we merge interior design with modern feng shui in a joint holistic approach and in line with contemporary aesthetics to help our clients achieve their personal goals. We assist our clients in clarifying their intentions regarding their living space while also creating a healthy interior design by using natural elements and environmentally friendly materials. Such changes may result in better relationships, improved health, higher prosperity and overall wellbeing. A house designed with the help of a holistic interior approach sustains the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of each individual.