What is Space and rituals?


SPACE AND RITUALS is an overall concept made to facilitate the natural human desire for a better and more mindful living in our hasty daily life. We apply various

techniques for working with the body and space, rituals, trainings, spiritual journeys, retreats and products whose goal is to achieve a healthy body, calm mind, balanced and harmonious relationships. With myself and everyone else.

In Space and Rituals we create an experience. Every service or product we provide is unique and very personal, a result of many years of studies, research and endeavours. And lots of love.


Feng Shui consulting and home rituals

When the energy in a given space flows smoothly there is balance and our quality of life improves. How do we do it?


Training courses

What makes us different at ‘Space and Rituals’ is that we give you access to our knowledge and resources. We believe that everyone can learn to apply this knowledge for their own benefit and their family’s benefit or to anyone who may need it. In our work experience so far we came to realise that many people want to learn more because after our consultations they have changed their lives.

We conduct in-depth feng shui training, crystals and crystal therapy, pendulum work, hexagram work, a program to clean the home of old things, techniques, and rituals to clean the space with resins and herbs. We have also created a special program for women's hormonal health based on yoga and ancient Taoist techniques. , which generates a lot of positive feedback.

All courses, workshops and training programmes are based on knowledge acquired from world renowned teachers.

For your convenience in most cases the training sessions are held on the weekends.

You can find more detailed information in the Events Section or in Services Section.


The journeys we organise at Space and Rituals are mostly in Asia and Latin America. They are special. Each journey has a specific theme and different purpose. Some of them are spiritual, involving more spiritual practises, meditations, meetings with spiritual teachers and the possibility for personal growth and awareness. Other journeys are more on the adventurous side, shamanistic or related to the rituals and ancient traditions of the locals.

Often, especially in Asian and Latin American trips, we give you a chance to get closer to places and people not easily accessible for tourists. This is possible thanks to our own spiritual journeys and our local friends and partners.

We are not doing tourism per se, we deliberately avoid crowded tourist places except if they are really special. At the same time we are trying to provide maximum comfort and good organisation for our participants.

And yes, of course, we make trips in Bulgaria, too. Twice a year we visit some high energy spots and healing power places.

More information is available in the Events and Services Sections.


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